Ziggy's Cosplay

Current Costumes

Army of Darkness/Evil Dead

Beast Boy
Teen Titans

Son Goku
Saiyuki (Artbook)

Ohgami Ichiro
Sakura Taisen
(Sakura Wars)

Dance Dance Revolution

Squall Leonhart
Final Fantasy VIII

Kotaro Nanbara
Hand Maid May

The Matrix Reloaded


Shonen Red
Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars)

Sousuke Sagara
(Summer Uniform)

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

Cosplay? Well what is it? Why do I do it?

Well cosplay is just an abbreviation for Costume Play. In this case, it refers to costuming from various Japanese influences such as Japanese video games or Japanese Anime (animation).

The reason I started doing this was, well I've been looking for an "analog" hobby for a while now. I mean I do a lot of things with computers and electronics. I work at a computer company and I am on the computer most of the time in my off hours.

I got bored one day so me and a friend went to Fanime, an Anime convention in San Jose. There we saw a lot of great costumes from anime that I recognized and from video games too. I sort of wanted to tackle a costume, and that's where it all started.

Now I'm doing all sorts of things including learning how to sew, working with fabric. At one point of the of attendents at Joann's recognized me. I think when I knew I was in trouble. :)

Cosplay Resources: