Beast Boy from Teen Titans

Beast Boy
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Debut: LosCon 2003

Why Beast Boy?

I caught Teen Titans on the Cartoon Network completely by accident. However, the theme song sung by Puffy AmiYumi just sucked me in since it was just so catchy. Then I started watching the show and noticed how much of it was anime influenced. I was hooked from there.

My friends all started talking about doing costumes from the show and boom, I picked Beast Boy. :)

How did I make Beast Boy?

I heavily modified a wet suit pattern and used spandex. Ugh, another body fitting costume. -_- I even had a friend mention that she always sees me in skin tight body suits. -_-

The sewing was challenging, but not as much as working with the green face makeup. It worked out ok, but it's still sort of patchy and uneven. I'll need to work on that in future versions.


I debuted the costume a LosCon 30 and there were lots of people who recognized us! Including little kids that ran up to us and said, "We watch your show." X-D That was the best part!

Totally by accident, we ran into Marv Wolfman, the co-creator of the original Teen Titans comic book! 8-O It was such a shock, we talked a bit and got some pictures. He told me that Beast Boy's name was Changeling but they went with the original name, Beast Boy, for the TV show. It was really cool meeting him! He also seemed really happy with our Teen Titan group!

Costume Photos
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Beast Boy costume pictures
Our semi-complete Teen Titan group: Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven Our entire Teen Titans group along with Marv Wolfman, the co-creator of the original Teen Titans!

(left to right to bottom) Mad Mod (dmk26), Starfire (AJ), Marv Wolfman, Raven (Moo), Aqualad (Waynekaa), Beast Boy (Me)
Beast Boy getting shot down by our future Blackfire. :-D
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