Anime Central 2003

May 16-18, 2003

This is my first time at Anime Central. I had such a good time at this con, even if it was in the middle of no where. ;-)

I have to thank Ayaka so much for putting up with me for 4 days. :)

I very much wanted to debut my Ohgami Ichiro costume at ACen, because there were so many Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars guests attending ACen, but alas, it wasn't to be. :( Though there were a lot of Sakura Taisen cosplayers there! :)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. :) Pictures with a * are taken by Moo.

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Squall, Irvine, and Zell from Final Fantasy VIII. They were also very nice and drove me and my roommates to the con! Here they are again as Shinji from Neon Genesis and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. Kingdom Hearts cosplayers!
Speaking of KH, this is me posing with an amazing keyblade. Unfortunatly it wasn't mine. It was also really heavy, but it was really cool! * Picture of me with the creator of the really cool keyblade! * Later, in full costume!
Squall, Steiner and Eiko from Final Fantasy IX. Yah I know we're from different series, but who cares! :) * Steiner and Eiko. I don't think I've seen anyone cosplay Steiner before! I finally caught up with all of the cast of FFIX!
Kuja from FFIX Zidane also from FFIX Massive crossovers here! :) Yuna from FFX, Squall from FFVIII and Aeris from FFIV. Oh no! Someone cast SLEEP on Squall! Quick, someone use ANTIDOTE! ;-)
Yuna from Final Fantasy X Aeris from Final Fantasy IV Yuna and Aeris together All 3 girls were waiting to start their Para Para panel. They also got to dance with Yoko Ishida at her concert doing opening ceremonies!
An amazing Final Fantasy X-2 group! Yuna X-2 Rikku X-2 Paine. Little Star's costume was just fantastic. All the little details and a really cool sword!
A close up to show all the work she put into the wig, makeup and even the eyes. Also check out that sword! Not surprisingly they won a Judge's Award at the Masquerade. Congrats ladies! Gunner Paine from FFX-2 Renne also from FFX-2
Rikku from FFX. I really liked how she did the braids in her hair. Lulu from FFX A Cabbit from Tenchi Muyo and a Moogle from Final Fantasy!
Kingdom Hearts Aeris of Kingdom Hearts Cloud Princess Garnet from FFIX
Gunner Yuna from FFX-2 And just to keep with the SquareSoft theme, Chrono Cross cosplayers!
Nanbara from Hand Maid May. This is one of his more wacky poses. Too bad I can only hold it for like 10 second before I fall over. :) Thanks to Eurobeat King for the photo. Rei, Zack and Crimson Cat Shadow. I didn't realize it a the time, but they were of Cosplay Cuties. Thanks to Lionel for the photo.
Xianghua from Soul Calibur! The soul still burns! Apparently there was a Maxi around too, but I missed him. :( Seung Mina also from Soul Calibur with a kick butt weapon! :) Maid Chii of Chobits
Look it's the cast of Chobits! Freya and Chii in front and Shinbo and Hikeki in the back. Oh look, little Sumomo (Plum) is peeking out of Shinbo's bag! :D I love this picture. :) A very lovely Chii An equally lovely Freya Chii and Freya back to back. The amazing thing is that these costumes were all hand made! 8-o They won well deserved awards at the Masquerade. Their skit was very funny too!
Chii and Freya being oh so cute. This was a cosplay blooper when they cracked up posing. XD The picture still turned out pretty good I think. :) Dita also from Chobits. She was really nice to talk to. It turns out she was right next door in the hotel and we didn't even know it until after the con! :( Another Dita. Seeing all the Dita's makes me wanna cosplay Zima. The character from the manga, not the drink. :P
I'm seeing double... two Robins from Witch Hunter Robin, one of my favorite animes! A fantastic Amon Yah! Another Robin and Amon pairing From Dance Dance Revolution! Too bad I wasn't wearing my DDR costume at the time. :(
I'd never thought I'd see Typing of the Dead cosplayers! They even real Dreamcasts strapped to their backs! X-D Weee, more Chii! :)

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