San Diego Comic Con 2005: Teen Titans Panels

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25th Anniversary of Teen Titans

This year being the 25th anniversary of the comic book series, this panel celebrated the comic.

Barbara Kesel, former editor of the Teen Titans Nick Cardy, artist on the first Teen Titans series Marv Wolfman, the co-creator of the Teen Titans Geoff Johns, current writer of the Titans comics and Glenn Murakami, producer of the Teen Titans animated series

Warner Bros. Animation: Teen Titans Live!

This panel talks about the future of the animated series on Cartoon Network and they also show us how they record the voices for the episode.

It was really amazing seeing them do it live, hence the title, it was such a treat!

Sam Register, Vice President of Development for Cartoon Network Glen Murakami (Producer), David Slack (Writer), Rob Hoegee (Writer), and Amy Wolfram (Writer)

They were happy to see me. X-D
Robe Hoegee and Amy Wolfram

Mr. Hoegee was actually the writer for the episode, Employee of the Month. That's also where The Source/New-fu came from. The plushy was made by AJ and wanted to give it to them to thank them for such a wonderful show and how nice they have been to TT cosplayers.

We didn't expect them to take it up on the panel. X-D

(Left to Right) Irineo Maramba (Storyboard Artist), AJ (StarFire), Me (Beast Boy) and Robe Hoegee (Writer).

Mr. Hoegee is the writer of Employee of the Month. Mr. Maramba did a lot of the art for the episode, so it was really cool to meet them before the panel started. And I really hope they enjoy, The Source/New-fu plushie. :)

The Live! portion of the panel started with the voice actors coming in and reading their parts. They included (left to right) Rob Paulsen (sitting in for the VA of Slade), Michael Richardson (Trigon), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Tara Strong (Raven), Hynden Walch (Starfire), Khary Payton (Cyborg), David Slack (sitting in for Robin) and lead by Emmy Award-winning voice director Andrea Romano at the podium.

Like I said before, it was such a treat to see the voice actors actually do their thing. Michael Richardson has the most amazing deep voice and when he yelled, his booming voice sent shivers down my spine. Greg Cipes was just hilarious as Beast Boy but I'm sort of biased. :) It's funny, but Andrea Romano said that Hynden Walch was the best "gasper" in the business, and after hearing like 10 gasps from Starfire, I believe her! :)

Rob Paulsen is sitting in for the voice of Slade, however, he was the voice of The Source and he seemed very amused at the plushie that was on the table. He even talked as the Source when he was first introduced. X-D

I'm so happy to see that they enjoyed New-fu. Someone was telling us that we should make an army of them, all with different expressions. Hahah! :D

Since we're obviously Teen Titans fans, AJ and I cosplayed from the animated series.
Starfire with her beads from How Long Is Forever?" BeastBoy in his moped gear along with Starfire. BeastBoy teaming up with some of his darker, more grown up friends, Robin and Batman. :D Here's New-Fu/The Source sitting on my suitcase before we presented him to the Teen Titans cast and crew. :)
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