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BayCon 2002 Pictures

Well it's 2002 so of course there's a BayCon. It was a lot of fun and I went to a ton of costuming panels. It really helped me out in my future Tron costume. Hopefully I'll even have Squall and Johnny from DDR ready for Anime-Expo.

As usual it was a lot of fun, and I got to see a lot of people that I don't normally see. Of course I saw Xiph, which I've seen him every year since I've attended BayCon. It was cool to see DK™ again. I haven't seen her since DeAnza. I also saw Colin from work.

The Parties! Oh my god, they were so much fun. They even had topless waitresses this year 8-D. Ok, they weren't topless, they were wearing body paint... You have no idea how much will power was nessessary for me to look into the eyes of the waitress when I was ordering my drink. I am a gentleman after all ;-).

Anyway, here are the pictures, enjoy!

Xiph and DK™ A really cool tattoo, she said that she was going to have wings added on next. Neat. Jodie with a great outfit! Don't look into her eyes, you'll either turn to stone or fall in love. ;-) Ooooh, she's shiny... in a sparkly way.
Oh no, it's the Sith Lords together! A really impressive Wookie costume. He was on stilts as well with a net with C3-P0 parts. It was very authetnic. Another work of Hi-Impact. This is a really cool costume of a Star Wars AT Walker.
Unfortunatly, this was the only clear picture I have.
Jedi Jedi everywhere!
So is it a Pod of Jedi? A gaggle? Someone said she liked a Force of Jedi...
The Disney Diamond Dogs!
They were hilarious, basically what would happen if the female characters of Disney worked at the Moulin Rouge!
During the Masquerade they had a dance number with songs from the movie. It was hilarious!
Do the can-can-can!
Who are you goin' call?
It's Ace and Gary --
The Ambiguously Gay Duo!
Catwoman! Meow...
She was great, was very nice and was willing to pose for more pictures!
Must... be... gentleman...
A really cool costume, he was almost 8" tall!
This is the Jin-Roh group from Hi-Impact and Lara Croft. They teamed up with Lara and had a great skit at the Masquerade. Lara came out first, followed by Jin-Roh. They then "captured" her and the group posed for pictures. :-D One of the group even took off her helmet to take a picture. It was very funny. They won best Professional (for Jin-Roh) and best Amateur (Lara Croft) costume.
Oooo, Carmila
from Vampire Hunter D. I also saw her at Fanime.
X-Men, X-Men! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Supergirl!
One of the aliens from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda with a Badminton Racket? Is that a force lance or are you just happy to see me? Cool! Orcs! Also from Hi-Impact.
Wouldn't be a sci-fi con without some Trekkies! Those Centauri, they are everywhere!
Actually they were great, they were acting the part with the attitude and the accent. I'm not even going to go into the "6" conversation...
Some really cool guys and gals around the dealer room.
Hmm, coincidence that she's standing next to a "Blood Drive" announcement? :) Ahhh, a cute... and pale, couple. Um.. yah.

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